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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Aeronautical engineering is one of the most popular career option for those students who want to make their career into airplanes, space shuttles, jumbo jets and other similar exciting stuff. Aeronautical engineering deals with all the technical details and mechanisms behind all flying bodies.  Nowadays, Aeronautical engineers are needed in all sorts of areas such as Aircraft manufacturing units, space stations and many more important places.
Aeronautical engineering degree helps you equip knowledge on the complex design and development of these high flying machines.     
It deals with the aerodynamic and mechanical aspects of these machines and systems.

This field also deals with navigation systems, radars and other communication networks.
What would you do as an Aeronautical Engineer?
Aeronautical engineers work in aircraft manufacturing units, space stations etc.., and their work majorly involves- 
design and development of aircraft parts,testing new aerodynamic and aviation systems, quality management and improvement 
maintenance. Aeronautical engineers utilize their technical know-how in designing high end vehicles for automobile industry, locomotives (super fast trains / sky buses) and swift water transportations (speed boats, hover-crafts etc.,).

Aeronautical engineers are also involved in huge super mega structures (sky-scrapers) that have to withstand changing air pressure at high altitudes.

Career prospects

With every day new air routes being connected the airline industry needs qualified technical engineers to develop and maintain their growing fleet of aircrafts.
With the country on the top radar of satellite technology, aviation engineers are in demand to meet this state of the art technological field with increase usage of navigation systems etc.,
Opportunities are open for students in top international aviation companies – government and private airlines, and organizations involved in military and space programs like IAF, ISRO and NASA etc.,
Aeronautical engineering students can find jobs in – 
Aviation industry (private and public airlines) 
Satellite and Space research organizations (ISRO, NASA etc.,) 
Defence (Military – Air Force) 
Automobile and fast-moving locomotive industries

Skillset required

This field of engineering is technically demanding and challenging.
Along with strong mathematical base, student should also have a creative and analytical mind.
Students are also required to be physically fit, esp. who opt to work for defence.
All the basic skills required for a successful engineer is discussed in the main article (see here).

Topics covered in your curriculum?

Aeronautical engineering curriculum covers the following major topics:-
  • Mathematics
  • Fluids and solids
  • Thermodynamics
  • Avionics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Control  systems

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