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Thursday, July 19, 2012


E. International

1.         The Indo-Afghanistan relations.

2.         Sino-Indian relations.

3.         Indo-Sri Lanka relations.

4.         Indo-Bangladesh relations.

5.         Indo – US relations.

6.                  Indo – Russia relations.
7.                  Indo – Pakistan relaltions.

8.                  Indo – Mynamar relations.

9.                  Indo – Nepal relaltions.

10.              India – a regional power in South Asia.

11.              Sri Lankan Peace Talks.

12.              US- Iraq conflicts.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Economic and Social Topics

C. Economic and Social Topics

1.                  India’s population problem, and how to control it.

2.                  India’s food problem.

3.                  The problem of unemployment.

4.                  India’s five year plans, with special reference to concept of rolling plan.

5.                  Family Planning in India.

6.                  Which is worse, drinking or gambling ?

7.                  General economic crisis.

8.                  E-Commerce.

9.                  India’s economic liberalization programme.

10.              Rising prices in India and Government’s efforts to bring them down.

11.              Trade unionism in a democracy.

12.              Strikes and demonstrations in our country.

13.              Nationalisation of grain trade in our country.

14.              Position of women in our society.

15.              The oil crisis in India and the world.

16.              Inflation and its effects on our economy.

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