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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MBA in Project Management

An MBA with a specialization in project management is becoming a high-demand degree. Project management is a key function for all types of businesses, and project managers work in many industries, including software, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and finance, to name a few. Project managers help streamline projects to meet a company’s goals and objectives, and increase profitability as well. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in project management, you’ll find that an MBA program with an emphasis on project management will boost your chances of success significantly.

What Is the Job Outlook for Project Managers?

As far as job outlook is concerned, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that project management within the scientific and technical areas will be the fastest-growing industry in the near future.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that growth in project management will result from different factors, such as an expanding economy, increased technology, and complex business structures. In addition, the economy is experiencing a trend toward outsourcing and globalization in the workplace, making project management even more attractive to those seeking positions in that area.
Although the future looks bright for project managers, competition for those positions is unavoidable. However, despite the expected job growth, project management positions are readily available to those seeking higher education (especially MBAs with a specialization in project management).

What Are the Job Duties of a Project Management Consultant?

In general, project managers assist companies in making sound business decisions. These people also oversee and manage business projects from inception to completion. In order to achieve financial goals and objectives, project managers plan, develop, and execute schedules in order to ensure timely completion of projects within an organization.
Additional duties include hands-on involvement throughout the life cycle of a project, as well as communication with staff to make sure everyone is on track for completion. In a software environment, a project manager works closely with software developers to ensure that software coding and programming are completed on time. After that, project managers work with quality assurance personnel to make sure the code is bug-free and software tests are completed and documented on schedule. Finally, the project manager works with technical writers to ensure that the software documentation is completed on time as well. Overall, project managers coordinate all team activities.

Project manages analyze data and identify trends and deficiencies in order to prevent any problems down the road. Project managers also develop and implement contingency plans during the course of a project.
Although some project managers telecommute, most of them work in offices. Occasional travel to satellite offices and other facilities and other locations may also be required.

What Types of Skills Do You Need for Project Management?

Top employers are looking for project managers who are sharp, creative, and motivated. Since many of them are looking for specialized knowledge in areas of management, a degree from one of many fully accredited MBA Colleges is definitely in your favor.
Career Opportunities in Project Management
Graduates with an MBA in project management have no problem at all finding a job in their field. These people are able to find work in a variety of large companies—from construction to oil and gas and mining. Many experienced project managers find jobs overseas, where they work as independent contractors. Average wages for entry-level managers start at $107,000, and more experienced professionals earn over 186,000 per year. If you have the skill and the drive to become a project manager, don’t hesitate to get started on your new career. With so many colleges and universities offering MBA courses in project management, you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

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