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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Self-Employment Opportunities

Self-employment opportunities also exist in the form of dynamic delivery networks for those who want to work on their own.
Food technologists, technicians, bio technologists and engineers are required in this industry for manufacturing or production, preservation and packaging, processing and canning of various food products. All this needs preparation of raw materials for processing which involves selection, or cleaning of the raw material, followed by the actual processing, which could be chopping, blanching, crushing, mixing or even cooking of the food item, the addition of preservatives and the final packaging maintaining hygiene and maintaining quality of products.

     Following people are needed for the work in food processing industry.

Food Technologists
•    To determine whether a
     particular process is being performed in a certain specified way or not.
•    Instrumental in devising new ways and improving the older ones for preserving, conserving and processing food.
•    To check for the contamination, adulteration and controlling the nutritional value of the food products which are to be processed.
•    To determine the quality of the raw materials used in the plants as well as the food, this has to be dispatched to the market.
•    To look after the storage conditions and hygiene.

Organic Chemists: Advise on the methods by which the raw materials have to be converted into processed food.
Biochemists: Suggest improvements in flavor, texture, storage and quality.
Analytical Chemists: Analyze food products to maintain quality.
Home Economists: Expert in dietetics and nutrition and they test the food and recipes according to the directions on the containers.
Engineers: Chemical, Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical, Agricultural and Civil Engineers are also required for planning, designing, improving and maintaining the processing systems.
Research Scientists: Carry out experiments regarding improvement in yield, flavor, nutritive value and general acceptability of the packaged food. 

Managers and Accountants: Manage administration and the finances apart from supervising the processing work.
Senior Food Technologist or Head Engineer in Food Processing Plant:
     They are responsible for the development of new, innovative products, from concept to final production that meet the customers’ needs as well as accomplish company objective of profitable and efficient marketing.
Production Manager – Confectionery: Shound have idea and experience about the product that will be produced, and also have some technical knowledge about the machines.
Assistant General Manager / Senior Manager Food Processing: Applying advanced Engineering techniques to set up Fruit and Vegetable processing unit and analysis within the discipline which require developing designs, innovation, and ingenuity with minimal supervision.

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