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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Current and General Topics

D. Current and General Topics

1.                  The Kashmir issue will always remain an obstacle for cordial relations between India and Pakistan.

2.                  The demand for a Constitutional/Amendment giving more power to the States.

3.                  Power of the Press.

4.                  Should we have conscription in our country ?

5.                  India’s refusal to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty.

6.                  Should India review her policy of nonalignment in view of the attitude of her neighbours ie.China and Pakistan ?

7.                  Your favourite leader/Military Commander.

8.                  Your ambition in life.

9.                  Our gallantry awards.

10.              How can bribery and corruption be lessened in our country ?

11.              United Nations Organisation.

12.              National integration.

13.              Who is supreme, the judiciary or the Parliament.

14.              Censorship and the Freedom of Speech.

15.              Pokhran II (Nuclear blasts by India)

16.              Brain drain.

17.              India’s testing of the short-range ballistic missile, the Prithvi.

18.              Garland Canal.

19.              Insurgency in North East.

20.              Militancy in J&K.

21.              Naga Peace Talks.

22.              India Vision 2020.

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